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Green Policy - Third Street Studios Ltd.

Third Street Studios Ltd. aim to minimise our carbon footprint by making small changes. 



• All paperwork forms will be electronic only, Production to be notified if paper print outs required of scripts, call sheets, movement and schedules.

• Do not request or take hard copies unless you actually need them.

• Low energy lights – We want to use as many low-energy and LED fixtures as we can, without compromising on the visuals.

• Rechargeable Batteries - We encourage everyone to use rechargeable batteries.

• Transport – We will aim to car share or use taxi firms who use hybrid cars. Car engines will be switched off when idle!

• Less Meetings– We favour phone/zoom meetings over physical meetings when not on location or in studio.


The best way to divert waste is to



Bring reusable water bottles, travel mugs, don't use straws, etc. and ask yourself "do you need to use this?"

  • Single use plastic. We will strive to reduce the amount of single used plastic used on set, and avoid any disposable food and drink containers that are not biodegradable.

• Look for items that might already be available before ordering new (e.g. office supplies).

• Remind colleagues to do the same - sustainability is a team effort.



• Reduce, reuse, recycle – Waste has a big impact, so we will recycle and reuse as much as we can.

• We will ensure there are relevant types of recycling bins placed around the site


Bins to be used for all clean paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum in these bins.

• Compost Bins

  • Put all organics (food) in these bins. This can then be recycled!

Please take an extra moment to put your items in the correct bin. 


• We will not remove, replace or trim existing vegetation without express authorization from the appropriate oversight or environmental agency.

• We will not disturb existing flora or fauna and only use non-invasive species when bringing in outside plants.


Vehicles, Generators & Fuel Use

• We will manage all vehicle use, crew foot traffic and all other film related activities causing impact to ground cover and vegetation to ensure minimal damage to sensitive ground cover and terrain.

• Ensure all crew vehicles keep to the established vehicle access tracks on site. Care should be taken to avoid wheel ruts on wet ground.

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